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Stretch out your feet overnight and wake up with flexible, healthy, and pain free feet every morning!

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Wake Up Every Morning with Pain-Free Feet.

The RevStretch™ Pro PF Splint is designed to be put on before bed, which allows you to save time that you would normally spend stretching in the daytime. There's nothing more relieving than a stretch that's been held for 8 hours!


How does it work?

- The PRO Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint works by pulling and holding your toes back for the entire night. This lengthens the plantar fascia and eliminates all tightness and pain.


Can I wear this on my left or right foot?

- You can wear the plantar fasciitis splint on either foot.


Does it come as a pair or single?

- The night splint comes as a single foot.


Will this fit my foot?

- Yes, it is adjustable from Men's US size 5 to 14.


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